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About Me

I have enjoyed partaking in the fine arts ever since I was a child. My father played saxophone and my mom picked up piano while she was pregnant with me. I eventually learned to play piano, saxophone, and guitar as I progressed through school. I love music (that is why Sonata is a part of my studio name) and learned to appreciate all forms of the arts as I grew older.

Photography was a big part of my life. My mom has tons of photos of me growing up as a child. She told me her obsession with taking photos of me spawned from her not having many photos of her growing up. Having photos to look back at of me growing up around friends and family was such a normal occurrence to me, I could not imagine not having them around.

I believe it is important to keep a record of all events, no matter how big or small they are. Something that may seem insignificant at the time could end up transforming into priceless heirloom generations later. It is my professional goal to capture all emotions ranging from shocking and anticipation to happiness and kindness. Having special occasions captured is important for families and corporations because reminiscing about great moments of the past brings the future closer together.

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